The waters of the Sierra Nevada

An exciting history following the waterways

The star of this experience, in its varying forms, is water. You will find water in the network of water channels and in the reservoirs of Arab origin. You can enjoy the warmth of the mineral-medicinal waters of a mountain spa and look for the highest springs of water in the streams, waterfalls, and in the high-mountain meadows, where the snow turns into moving water.

Trace water across the Sierra Nevada. Its scenery, culture and customs are a result of this vital element; from the summits to the villages and towns. Walk around the traditional water channels under the shades of chestnut trees. Follow the water trails in the streams, rivers and waterfalls.

Activities focusing on water are very diverse: hiking, high and low wetland ecosystems interpretation, and the easier local walks along springs, reservoirs, washing places, cisterns and mills; inherited elements of the Roman and Hispanic-Moorish cultures. Take delight in the beneficial effects of water in a spa. This experience offers you snowshoeing outings or mountain climbing. You will enjoy the discovery paths accompanied by specialised guides throughout a journey filled with natural and cultural heritage.

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