Tours for ornithology lovers. Woodland, steppe and mountain birds.

From the high mountain snow to the last desert of Europe, the Sierra Nevada offer you the opportunity to observe a wide variety of birds. Those who love nature can enjoy the observation of butterflies and endemic species of flora. You will truly enjoy all of this during tours through the most beautiful landscapes. In the Sierra Nevada, there are about 124 bird species.

Renowned ornithology guides will take you to the best observatories where you will observe the singular species of the Sierra Nevada. In the semi-desert in the north and the east of the Sierra Nevada you will discover peculiar scenery that has been heavily eroded, known as the Badlands, arid lands where steppe birds and rock birds live, such as hoopoes, woodlarks, wheatear birds, shrill sparrows and choughs.

By contrast, a secondary ecotourism route will lead you ascend to more than 6,500 feet, to find mountain species, such as pipit birds, greenfinch birds, ortolan buntings birds, mosquitero papialbo birds and the royal eagle. The high mountain meadows are cool enough for hundreds of butterflies (120 species) which forage nectar from the endemic flora of the Sierra Nevada.

Prepare to be surprised by the old fortress that overlooks the typically white Moorish-looking houses, known as the Alpujarra, where the natural vegetation mixes with the farming terraces crossed by miles of canals. This experience will allow you to watch remarkable sunsets with golden skies facing the Mediterranean Sea.

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