Photography in the Sierra Nevada

Capture images of the Natural Park that encompass the widest diversity of landscapes in Europe

For this travel proposal, we selected landscapes with the greatest aesthetical qualities and contrasts in vegetation from the Sierra Nevada Natural Park and National Park.

Imagine the Sierra Nevada’s unique and exceptionally diverse biology; its wide variety of vegetal and geomorphological formations; the exclusive features of its architecture and ethnography; landscapes, contrasts, textures, lights… all that captured by the lens of a photography lover.

Shoot the white snow contrasting with the blue skies. Capture the contrast of a perched white village almost hidden by the green of the chestnuts and oak trees. Photograph the red of the earth sculpted by the action of the rain and wind over the course of thousands of years. Or take a long-distance shot of a hill skyline during sunset or the details of an old wall, a house or a church almost ruined by the passage of time.

An expert on nature photography will go with you to all the sceneries and corners where you can find those unique images.

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