The Human Footprint

Some ideas to discover the legacy of settlers throughout time

An opportunity to discover a landscape inhabited by different cultures for centuries, the Sierra Nevada offer the greatest contrasts from semi-desert landscapes to canyons and ravines, high-mountain ecosystems and well-preserved forests. These are all the outcome of human labour in a harsh mountain environment.

The inhabitants of the area built trails and farming terraces, distributed water, and created pastures. All and all, they transformed the landscape with a view to manage the limited resources available.

Take part in experiences that will take you across history and prehistory. Discover one of the most important dolmen complexes of Andalusia. Enjoy the traditional paths that lead you to places where, in another era, people made their lives as miners, transhumant nomads, or where they farmed now-lost crops, such as Ohanes grapes.

In our proposals, you will find unique accommodations, such as cave houses. You’ll taste conventional dishes and drink organic wine, made from some native varieties. You can make your own cheese or pause and watch a spectacular sunset in an ochre and red-toned desert.

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