Flora and mushrooms in the Sierra Nevada

Visit the mountain range with the most plant species in Europe. The place for botany and mycology lovers.

Ecotourism activities in the Sierra Nevada guided by experts in flora and mycology.

The Sierra Nevada together with the Canary Islands are the two protected natural areas with the most diversity in all of Europe. More than 2,000 plants have been categorised up to date in the Sierra Nevada and constitute almost 30 % of the peninsular flora. Hiking just in the highest summits of the Sierra Nevada in a couple of hours we can see and photograph 25 of the 40 endemic species of the area.

Find the unique flowers of the Sierra accompanied by your expert guide, discover the botanical jewels hidden amongst rocks or in the humid high-mountain meadows. Travel from the lower areas of the Sierra Nevada up to the highest peaks and you will be surprised at the great changes experienced in the landscape and vegetation.

Although summer is the greatest moment to see the flowers blossom in the high-mountain areas, it is after the rain in Spring and especially in Autumn that we can discover and collect delicious mushrooms. The Sierra Nevada have mushroom collection areas and different mycological trails that will introduce the visitor to the fascinating world of mushrooms. Learn to recognise them thanks to a local expert, transform them and taste them in delicious recipes combined with local cuisine and the scents of the best wines.

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