Mamut Sierra Nevada

Cenes de la Vega Granada

Unique experiences in the Sierra Nevada: training, recreation, and interpretation.

Mamut Sierra Nevada
C/ Avda. Sierra Nevada,126, Esc. 2, AT.D 18190 Cenes de la Vega (Granada)
Phone: 958 486 416 / 607 539 145
Cenes de la Vega
  • Active tourism for companies: snowshoe excursions, mountain bike routes, winter climbs to summits, ecotourism routes, freeride and ski mountaineering, interpretive skiing, canyoning and sport climbing.
  • Training: Safety in lands of avalanches, self-rescue, sports training, alpine skiing, survival in nature, mountaineering initiation course and climbing courses.

Mamut Sierra Nevada is a company founded in December 1999 by two professionals from the world of sports with the idea of ​​offering sports services in nature.

The passion for Sierra Nevada and its strong character of social responsibility (and nature conservation) means that this company is linked to local associations that seek the responsible development of the mountain areas, as well as collaborating in projects to help the most in need in both Granada and other more disadvantaged areas of the planet.

With a strong conviction about the positive influence that Sport can have on Health and on the general welfare of people, and also on society, Mamut Sierra Nevada has been developing a series of proposals for sports services in nature adapted to the needs of the groups of companies with the purpose of developing better professional leaders, to improve the relations between the work teams, to generate a better work environment, as well as to develop the individual and collective capacities.

As much in the activities of company, in the sport formation, as in the popular sport events they incorporate contents of conservation of the nature, responsible consumption, and social solidarity actions, getting to influence in numerous groups both in their form of relation with the nature as in their contribution to improving society.

Tourist license number: 0000/GR/TA/RETA

  • Languages spoken: English

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