Sierra Nevada
Vive y disfruta de la naturaleza; observación de Fauna, Flora, Fotografía.

Tel. +34 666705000
Dirección postal: Granada
Registro en turismo: TA/JA/00037
Nº de inscripción EC/GR/00004 en el Registro de Turismo de Andalucía, Ecoturismo

Languages: Spanish, English.


Natureda performs:

  • Guided routes in Nature.
  • Environmental Education Activities.
  • Observation of Flora and Fauna, especially ornithology.
  • Nature Photography.
  • Environmental training.
  • Multi-day stays in the Sierra Nevada and other natural areas.
  • Workshops on environmental education.
Natureda is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of activities in nature. Its founder, Juan Carlos Poveda, is a biologist, environmental educator and nature guide.
Discover our natural spaces, interpreting their natural and ethnographic heritage, awakening interest with a direct and sensitive contact with the elements of the environment. The content and rhythm will be adapted to the age, interests and physical condition of the participants.
We have “Specialized Tours”: Ornithological, Faunistic, Botanical, Photographic

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