Las Torcas

Órgiva, Granada

Cooperativa de productores ecológicos de La Alpujarra y la costa tropical de Granada, con 26 socios. Trabajamos por el desarrollo sostenible de la comarca, produciendo alimentos de calidad y conservando el entorno y patrimonio cultural. En nuestro establecimiento podrá adquirir productos locales.


Tel. +34 958 78 53 44
Dirección postal: C/ Nueva Apertura D, 116
18418 Los Tablones (Granada)
Registro en turismo: GR/RCA/00811


“We are the landscape that we see every day when we wake up,
We are the texture, the color and the aroma of this earth and its sky,
We are mountain, river, light, we are smiles and hope
We are the Alpujarra

With these words Las Torcas is presented.

This cooperative that emerged as an association in defense of the ecological in a municipality of Granada, has evolved thanks to the efforts of the volunteers involved, the constant work on the farmland, and the contacts created with the farmers of the area, becoming an organic agricultural cooperative to boost the economy of the area and encourage a more healthy and natural souvenir.

Today they distribute throughout Spain, in herbalists, supermarkets, restaurants and individuals, opening even step in a powerful market in Germany.


  • Andalusian Certification of Organic Agriculture.
  • Grease Flavor Seal.
  • Environmental education.
  • Espacio Eko: place open to exchange and knowledge, located in the headquarters of the cooperative.
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