Aula de Naturaleza Ermita Vieja

Dílar, Granada

Albergue ideal para grupos que quieran conocer y disfrutar del espacio natural de Sierra Nevada, con senderismo, rutas botánicas y geológicas, talleres de interpretación, geocatching, orientación, observación de aves, turismo astronómico… Estas actividades también pueden contratarse de manera independiente al alojamiento


Tel. +34 958 22 84 96 – 689 67 47 14
Dirección postal: Camino de la Fábrica de la Luz km. 2,5
18152 – Dílar (Granada)
Registro en turismo Alojamiento: H/GR/01398
Registro en turismo actividades: AT/GR/00110
Registro Andaluz de Centros Educación Ambiental: 16
Facebook: Huerto Alegre
Twiter: @huertoalegre
Instagram: huertoalegreoficial


The Ermita Vieja Nature Classroom is an Environmental Education Center, equipped with hostel-type accommodation, in which groups of 20 or more people can stay to enjoy different activities that allow us to get to know the Natural and National Park of the Sierra Nevada from a perspective experimental and participatory.
Routes and itineraries interpreted, workshops on: astronomy, environmental resources, renewable energy, gastronomy, geology, bird watching, ecology laboratory … are some of the many activities we offer.
Coexistence, teamwork, playful and creative learning … are the premises of our proposals.
We have different programs for school groups, universities, associations, families and other groups.
We have received different awards that guarantee our professional career.


  • Stays of one or several days of Environmental Education

  • Travel of cultural and scientific studies

  • Summer camps for children and families

  • Sundays in family

  • Monographic courses

  • Weekends of astronomy, mushrooms, healthy life, bird watching …

  • Training in Interpretation and Environmental Education
    Accommodation for groups

Sundays with family and weekends, are individual registration. Check on the web.

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