Alfarería Blas Casares

Monachil Granada

Pottery and traditional ceramics from Granada.

Alfarería Blas Casares
Calle Granada, 29, 18193, Monachil, Granada
Phone: 958 500 125
  • Traditional pottery workshop, you can visit without obligation and see how the craft is carried out, which is being carried out at the time.
  • Occasionally courses are given on pottery and traditional ceramics. Either individually or in small groups. In this case, please contact us by e-mail.

A traditional pottery and ceramics company from Granada that tries to maintain the essence of this craft in its facilities in Monachil, where it carries out its work. We specialize in recreating and recovering antique pieces, such as the high-handled pitcher from the end of the 16th century or a type of cheese pot from the 18th century.

Without forgetting that it is a popular trade and all kinds of pieces are available, both decorative, collectable and utilitarian.

This workshop has been working since 1941, and is now the fifth generation to be dedicated to this activity. Currently, we have been designated as a point of artisan interest by the Junta de Andalucía, and its three members have been named master craftsmen for their experience in the craft of pottery and ceramics in Granada.

Andalusian artisan company register: 180200001

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