Cortijo El Cerezo

Soportújar, Granada
“Un lugar de ensueño y un remanso de paz.”

Tel. +34 607274035
Dirección postal: Carril forestal de Soportújar, dirección Puente Palo parcela7 poligono 2 18410 Soportújar – Granada
Registro en turismo: VTAR/GR/1013
Finca certificada en ecológico por el CAE Nª 22608, CE -011608-2018

El Cortijo “El Cerezo” is in the Alpujarra Granadina, southern slope of Sierra Nevada, at 1675 m. of altitude in the mountain range of Soportújar, in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada. Surrounded by forests of oaks and centenary oaks, it combines a sustainable crop of fruit trees (apple, pear, cherry, walnut and chestnut trees) that coexist in harmony with the autochthonous species.

The house is rented complete, all rooms have heating with independent wood stoves, well stocked with firewood at no additional cost.
The farm is powered by renewable energies such as sun and wind, with solar panels, windmill, and filtered spring water.

Outside, we enjoy magnificent views facing south, seeing the Mediterranean Sea and on clear days the Atlas of Morocco.

A charming pool, allows you to cool off with natural spring water during the summer months that is filled for each group of guests, taking advantage of the water to water the trees, flowers and aromatic plants that surround us.

An enchanted and special place for the great fauna that surrounds us, the song of the birds will captivate you.


Hiking lovers will be able to enjoy numerous routes among which we highlight: Long distance trail Sulayr Cr 240 section 5 (Palo Bridge to Capileira), long distance footpath GR 7 E-8.

Capacity: 6 people

The commitment to the conservation of biodiversity. For several decades, this farm has opted to keep traditions alive, combining a sustainable crop of fruit trees, with the conservation of species in the Natural Park.

Our recent idea of ​​making Apple Cider Vinegar and Natural Artisan Cider, coming entirely from our apple trees, following the tradition of my grandmother.

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