Sierra & Sol

Tel. +34 666405811
Address: Placeta de Liñán, 5
18010 Granada
Registro en turismo: AT/GR/00169

Languages spoken: Spanish, English

Sierra&Sol is an ecotourism company that organizes and guides hiking tours through the Andalusian natural spaces. Its activities are led by experts in the interpretation of nature and heritage and take place especially in the Natural and National Park of the Sierra Nevada and in other protected areas such as Geoparks or in areas with heritage interest.

The founder of Sierra&Sol, Teresa Madrona, began her professional career as a teacher at the end of the 80s, eleven years later she founded her own environmental consultancy, and later focused her activity on ecotourism. Sierra&Sol has the focus of its founder: binding unique hiking tours together with the discovery and enjoyment of nature.

We keep close contact with our clients in order to adjust our services to their expectations, to recommend the most appropriate routes according to their profile and to advise them of the necessary equipment. We take care of every detail.

  • Guided hiking tours with interpretation

  • Tours duration: several hours to several days

  • Scientific hiking tours

  • Local agent of foreign travel agencies

  • Wholesale and retail travel agency

  • Environmental education

  • Design of ecotourism packages and ecotourism experiences

  • Urban ecotourism routes in Granada

  • Local guides for groups operated by foreign agencies

  • Training of local guides

Minimum two participants. The prices might vary depending on the number of participants, type and duration of the activity. It is recommended to always check prices previous to the booking.

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    Aula de Naturaleza Ermita Vieja

    Albergue ideal para grupos que quieran conocer y disfrutar del espacio natural de Sierra Nevada, con senderismo, rutas botánicas y geológicas, talleres de interpretación, geocatching, orientación, observación de aves, turismo astronómico… Estas actividades también pueden contratarse de manera independiente al alojamiento


    Tel. +34 958 22 84 96 – 689 67 47 14
    Dirección postal: Camino de la Fábrica de la Luz km. 2,5
    18152 – Dílar (Granada)
    Registro en turismo Alojamiento: H/GR/01398
    Registro en turismo actividades: AT/GR/00110
    Registro Andaluz de Centros Educación Ambiental: 16
    Facebook: Huerto Alegre
    Twiter: @huertoalegre
    Instagram: huertoalegreoficial


    The Ermita Vieja Nature Classroom is an Environmental Education Center, equipped with hostel-type accommodation, in which groups of 20 or more people can stay to enjoy different activities that allow us to get to know the Natural and National Park of the Sierra Nevada from a perspective experimental and participatory.
    Routes and itineraries interpreted, workshops on: astronomy, environmental resources, renewable energy, gastronomy, geology, bird watching, ecology laboratory … are some of the many activities we offer.
    Coexistence, teamwork, playful and creative learning … are the premises of our proposals.
    We have different programs for school groups, universities, associations, families and other groups.
    We have received different awards that guarantee our professional career.


    • Stays of one or several days of Environmental Education

    • Travel of cultural and scientific studies

    • Summer camps for children and families

    • Sundays in family

    • Monographic courses

    • Weekends of astronomy, mushrooms, healthy life, bird watching …

    • Training in Interpretation and Environmental Education
      Accommodation for groups

    Sundays with family and weekends, are individual registration. Check on the web.

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      Tel. +34 696 110 807
      Paseo de las Palmas, 27
      18008 Granada

      SaltaRíos is a company dedicated to leisure and adventure tourism in Andalusia, which specializes in the descent of rivers. It develops the bulk of the activities in the province of Granada, but also in the bordering areas: Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Huétor, Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama, Subbéticas, Maro-Cerro Gordo, Cabo de Gata.
      Rafting, canoeing, canyoning, bungee jumping, via ferrata and hiking are part of the recreational program that launches Rafting SaltaRíos every day, in which they pay special attention to the safety and well-being of the people who trust them.
      In addition, SaltaRíos distributes kayaks of high quality and resistance. And he is a specialist in training for whitewater descent. Its professionals also offer advanced techniques: rodeo, slalom, kayak-surf, creek and esquimotaje.
      SaltaRíos is a company subjected to rigorous quality controls and its guides are constantly recycling. They combine their extensive trajectory with high-end materials that periodically renew to offer an unforgettable experience.
      • Activities: canyoning, multi-adventure, canoeing, via ferrata, bungee jumping.
      • 1st quality materials.
      • Maximum security.

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        Textile workshop Hilacar

        Tel. +34 658 106 576
        Address: Carretera 29, local 1
        18412 Bubión (Granada)

        HILACAR, is a textile workshop, located in the heart of the Alpujarra, Sierra Nevada. It was created with the commitment to convey to the public the great value that the trade of Weaving has, the tradition that it carries with it and that each one of the jarapas that handmade hands have.
        HILACAR emerged as a personal project of Ana Martinez, dedicated to the recovery of the textile crafts of the Alpujarra. Jarapa word derived from “rags”, which are used rags and strips, which recycled find their last use.
        With the illusion of making the art of weaving known, in the workshop you can see, design and even make your own carpet, transmitting knowledge through courses and training workshops.
        The object of our work is to conserve this artisan activity of times of the Muslim Alpujarra and to maintain the historical cultural and patrimonial value in an environment of the Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park.
        • Certified with the Andalusian Natural Park brand.

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          Hotel Zerbinetta

          Encantador hotel enclavado en las montañas, que consta de 5 plantas y dispone de todo el confort necesario para pasar unos días de relax.


          Tel. +34 958595202
          Dirección postal: Pago de la Laguna, 3
          18152 Dílar (Granada)
          Maps: Latitud: 37º04’147” y longitud: 3º35’658”
          Registro en turismo: H/GR/01282


          Restaurante “El Viso”, a cozy place with a terrace for 100 persons and stunning views of the city of Granada and the Sierra Nevada.

          Specializing in meat and fish accompanied by the best vegetables from the area. A modern fusion of Mediterranean cuisine with traditional local cuisine.

          Our menu is complemented by wines from the most renowned wineries and wines of the area. In short, a pleasure for the senses, fine cuisine, magnificent surroundings and a friendly and kind service.


          The environment of the National Park Sierra Nevada, in the countryside, is located the Hotel Zerbinetta (Dílar). Just 15 minutes away from Granada, 15 minutes from the Alhambra (by Ronda Sur), 30 minutes from the ski resort (Sierra Nevada), 35 minutes from the airport and 45 minutes from the Costa Tropical (Almuñecar).

          An ambitious project, in its more than 2000 m2 of construction between its five floors offers everything the most exigent guest could need, both for relaxation and outdoor recreation, as well as for work.

          In addition, the Hotel Zerbinetta can arrange reservations to visit the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada ski pass. You can even choose the time you want to visit the Nasrid Patios. Let us know in advance (especially in the months of August, September, April, May, holidays and long weekends) and we will prepare everything.

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            Restaurant Ruta del Mulhacén


            Tel. +34 958763010
            Mailing address: Avda. De la Alpujarra, 6. 18411 Pampaneira (Granada)


            Ruta del Mulhacen Restaurant in Pampaneira offers a traditional Alpujarra cuisine that recalls the authentic flavors of yesteryear and proposes dishes made with local and organic seasonal products as a sample of the Alpujarra cooking.

            The Ruta del Mulhacén menu reflects the family tradition handed down by Grandmother Marina to her daughter Angelina Martin, manager of the restaurant, gathering the uses and customs handed down from generation to generation, deeply rooted in the territory, adapted to the environment and respectful of the environment. nature.

            It includes:

            BAR : located on the first floor of the building, offers tastings of the most typical dishes of the Alpujarra.

            ROOM: located on the second floor, can accommodate up to 50 people. A room decorated with murals and evocations of al-Andalus style and with corners that recall various cultural elements of the Alpujarra.

            TERRACE: true viewpoint that offers incredible views over the summits of the Sierra Nevada and a unique panorama of the three villages of the Barranco de Poqueira. In summer it is heated and in winter, some blankets are available to the clientele so they do not get cold and keep enjoying their food.


            • Traditional gastronomy alpujarra

            • Recovery of traditional recipes.

            • Interpretation of uses and customs.

            • Kitchen open all day.

            • Specialty: potaje de hinojos, migas de pan, choto ….

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              Almazara Quaryat Dillar


              Tel. +34 958512673
              Dirección postal: Fincas Las Ánimas s/n
              18152 Dílar (Granada)

              A taste of Sierra Nevada

              The land where Quaryat products begin their journey is a bare 15 min from Granada city and it is a place of significant environmental value. It is in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, a high altitude environment of well-preserved nature.

              Surprise family and Friends by taking them on a special visit to see first-hand how premium olive oil is made the traditional way. Learn to tell apart the different varieties and qualities and simply admire one of Granada’s most captivating beauty spots.

              We recommend our Mill man breakfast tour. During this visit, there is a guided tour of the groves and olive oil mill facilities before going into an educational introduction to olive oil tasting. Finally, relax and treat yourself to local organic bread and delicious extra virgin olive oil to practice your newly learnt tasting skills.

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